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Oldies, Acoustic, Pop, Country, Easy Listening, Originals, and more...

Joel Clyde has been a pro musician for over 3 decades. He plays a lot of different instruments and is also an accomplished and published songwriter. After several decades of playing on the road with several big-name acts, he has now retired from the road and does what he loves best...busking, and local shows. A lot of famous entertainers started out busking, such as Robin Williams, Ed Sheeran, Pierce Brosnan, Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, Shields and Yarnell, and more... Joel believes busking to be one of the purest forms of entertainment there is, and it has a long and distinguished history, going all the way back to the times of the Romans. For more information about busking, especially in the Chattanooga area, go to

Joel doesn't limit himself to just busking but also plays clubs, restaurants, festivals, fund-raisers, and more. He performs oldies, country, big band, ethnic music, and more, playing several instruments, including acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, keyboard, and makes his own backing tracks. He has State-Of-The-Art equipment. He can do it all, from lounge-acoustic to a full-sound dance-band show. In addition, Joel Clyde plays to the crowd and has an almost supernatural ability to feel what an audience wants to hear at any given time. He does requests, and with a repertoire of over 4000 songs spanning 5+ decades, he seldom gets stumped.

As a songwriter, Joel has a unique style and ability to craft thoughtful, haunting, and at times, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and melodies. He has a sometimes soulful, sometimes sarcastic, and often, deliciously irreverent take on life and its many complexities.

But there is more to Joel Clyde than just great music and incredible talent. He is 100% professional, from start to finish. You will never have to worry about drunkenness, illicit drugs, or inappropriate behavior. Joel Clyde does not tolerate alcohol, drugs, or improper behavior, before, during, or after shows, from himself, or anyone performing or associated with him. You can be assured that your event will be one you, and your guests, will be proud of. He is an act that all ages can enjoy.

If you want a first-class act to make your next event fun and memorable, you are in the right place.